Canada : 2016 : 22 minutes : Colour: 1.85:1 : English

"Cubist video art, an underground holding tank of new and unusual ideas ..."  - Zapata Magazine

We the uniformed gorillas, have been kidnapped by mounted hunters. We've been separated from each other; taken to a laboratory of ape scientists working on removing our frontal lobes for inauspicious motives. We are a civilization of apes, apes in essence, being empowered by a mysterious subterranean species: corrupting us with crippling illustrations of tepid realities construed out of nature the sublime; pleasant fictions prefabricated and edible expressions enforcing of aesthetic law. They've turned our god into a screen, and lodged it in our lives for good. Thought and communication are our only hope for escaping imprisonment of the twenty-first century. One day, we might see a movie that has the intensity of the Ninth Symphony; wordless moving images of madness and revelation, tumbling on fiery rainbows and clouds. Does anybody else feel like the world is going to explode?